The Company

YMY Global Navigation Ltd. founded 2011 in Egypt with past experience of 20 years in shipping sectors of our staff.

Through our strong and old relationship with various owners, charterers, operators and co-brokers, we are doing our best to cover most of shipping sectors and areas.

Professionalism and commercial approach are the core elements of our business philosophy. YMY constitutes a reliable partner, offering flexibility, financial security and quality services.

Our target is to assist business partners to pursue their corporate goals. Offering a competitive service and promoting long-term relationships with our customers.

Our services are designed to provide our clients with expertise, quickly and accurately, in line with the highest professional and ethical standards. We are sensitive to the ever- changing climate in shipping services and dedicated to providing innovative and comprehensive services through incorporation of latest technological innovations. If you have any further queries please do feel free to contact us. We would be privileged to serve you.

Chartering Management

Chartering management services Is a combination of the role and work of the broker and operator ready 24/7 to take the responsibility and care of the traders, new charterers and shipowners whom need support within un-experienced areas.

Through our wide commercial experience of performing abt 5000 fixtures of various basis ( Voyages / COA / TCT / TC period / Bareboat ) , we can propose our special service to Owners’ and Charterers’ to handle their Commercial Management.

By authorizing us to act on behalf of you, We take the full responsibilities of your chartering business with following main tasks :

  • Preparing budget and evaluating benefits/risks for the correct decision
  • Investigating about cargos’ nature, load/discharge ports/rates and ships’ market prices
  • Collecting voyage’s competitive costs of bunker, D/A’s, stevedores, warehousing .. etc.
  • Preparing, negotiating and fixing main terms of C/P.
  • Operating the voyage/period 24/7 basis
  • Closing files by settlement of demurrage, dispatch or final hire statements officially, amicably or through the legal ways.

We ensure our excellent services with :

  • Our market analysis and reports of ships/cargo movements worldwide.
  • Wide network of our permanent strong agents, suppliers, Investigators, Weather routing sources, legal firms


With dedicated and experienced brokers who are providing a comprehensive service to our clients for their requirement. We have core team of brokers and post operation staff who are working round the clock as team to provide best of services to our principals in following sectors :

Dry Bulk

We Handle wide range of different ships’ seizes & commodities such as steel products, pig iron, agri-products, rice, wheat, sugar, iron ore, magnesium ore, coal, salt, sulphur, peas, slag, cement, clinker, granite, cobblestone, bentonite etc.. We also are handling period vessels requirement and contracts of affreightment on regular basis.

With our ships and cargos market analysis, we provide freight/hire backing and guidance for all chartering basis voyage, COA, TC Trip/Period, BareBoat.

Breakbulk/RoRo Cargo

YMY working for various International leading energy, engineering, petroleum, construction companies and have fixed/regular lines across the world via strong relation with owners/operators of MPP/Heavy lift/Roro ships, thus allowing us to support these companies with our world-wide experience and knowledge in logistics and sea-transportation on world-wide basis.

Sale & Purchase

Our close relationships with wide network of shipowners, shipyards, demolition buyers and finance sources allowed us to secure a good job scoop in sale & purchase sector.

Tanker :

Established to serve some of our close clients of clean, dirty and chemical products through owners and exclusive co-brokers to cover areas of Mediternian Sea, Red Sea and Persian Gulf.



You can reach us at the following address:
40 Heliopolis Gardens, Autostorad Road – Cairo, Egypt


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From Sunday to Thursday, 10:00 – 18:00, call us at:
Mobile: +20 111 657 0009 / +20 100 442 8889
Tel: +20 220 650 444 / Fax: +20 220 650 310


We take your issues seriously. For every question you ask we will provide an answer.

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